Taliban terrorists wreak havoc in Afghanistan, rockets fired at Kandahar airport, all flights canceled

There are reports of rocket attack at Kandahar Airport in Afghanistan. It is being told that the Taliban have carried out three rocket attacks on the airport, after which all flights have been canceled.

The conflict between the Afghan army and the Taliban has been going on since the withdrawal of US forces from the soil of Afghanistan. The Taliban have intensified attacks over the past few days. The Taliban are now trying to capture Kandahar, which is still largely under the control of the Afghan army.

News agency AFP has confirmed the rocket attack quoting officials from Kandahar Airport. The agency quoted the airport’s chief Masood Pashtun as saying that at least three rocket attacks have been carried out at Kandahar Airport in southern Afghanistan. After these attacks, all flights flying from the airport have been canceled.

Taliban trying to capture Kandahar

Kandahar is still under the control of the Afghan government, but the Taliban is trying to take over rapidly. Kandahar is one of the important cities of Afghanistan. The Taliban have intensified attacks here for the past few days. Rocket attacks are happening. Innocent people are being killed. The situation is such that people are forced to leave their homes and live in refugee camps.

The government has set up a refugee camp in Kandahar, in which more than 11 thousand families are living. Kandahar MP Syed Ahmed Sailab had told a few days ago that after Eid, the Taliban intensified attacks on the Afghan army. Common people throughout Kandahar are caught in the ongoing conflict between the Taliban and the army and the condition is that thousands of people from hundreds of villages are forced to run away from home in search of safe places.

Taliban occupy 85% of the area!

In April 2021, US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan by September. Since then, the Taliban became active again and intensified the attacks. The Afghan army retreated and the Taliban’s occupation continued to increase. The Taliban claims that they have so far captured more than 85 percent of Afghanistan’s territory.

The Taliban has captured many check posts in Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second largest city after Kabul. The battle for the capture of the city is intensifying. All the checkposts in the areas adjacent to Pakistan are under Taliban control. Afghan soldiers had to flee and take refuge in Tajikistan amid the Taliban attack on the Tajikistan border.

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