‘Taliban killed pregnant police officer’, cruelty in front of husband and children

After the occupation of Afghanistan, the brutal face of the Taliban has started coming to the fore. According to a BBC report, the Taliban in Afghanistan are accused of shooting a female policeman in a provincial town. It is being told that the woman policeman was pregnant.

It is alleged that a female policeman named Banu Negar was murdered by the Taliban in front of family members in Firozkoh, the capital of Central Ghor province. The killing comes amid growing reports of oppression of women in Afghanistan. However, the Taliban has distanced itself from this massacre. He says that he has no involvement in Negar’s death.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that we are aware of the incident and I can confirm that the Taliban did not kill her, our investigation is ongoing. He said the Taliban had already announced an apology for those who worked for the previous administration, and that Negar’s killing may have been “personal enmity or something”.

The details of the incident are still unclear, as many in Firozkoh are reluctant to speak, but a BBC report claimed that Negar was beaten to death on Saturday by the Taliban in front of her husband and children. Relatives shared a picture in which blood splatters are seen in the corner of a room.

The family says that Negar, who worked in the local jail, was eight months pregnant. Relatives say three gunmen reached the house on Saturday and searched the family members before tying them up. An eyewitness said the intruders were heard speaking Arabic.

Since taking power on August 15, the Taliban have tried to change their image, but there are still incidents of brutality and repression in some parts of Afghanistan.

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