Taliban itself became a victim of terrorist attack, 28 fighters were killed in Kabul blasts

The death toll in the serial blast on Thursday at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan is increasing. Among the dead are 28 Taliban fighters, a report has claimed. About 100 people have died in the serial blasts in Kabul including Taliban.

According to the information, it has been claimed by the Taliban that about 28 of their fighters have been killed in the serial blast. All of them were engaged in security outside the Kabul airport, when the blast took place. The Taliban says that we have lost more people than America in this blast.

Significantly, about 13 American soldiers have died in the blast and firing at Kabul Airport, while the rest of the Afghan civilians have died. All these people were waiting to catch a flight from Kabul airport, when the incident happened on Thursday evening.

Taliban refused to attack

The blast took place four days before the US military has said to withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31. This is the first terrorist incident that happened under the Taliban rule, whose first suspicion was on the Taliban itself. But on the previous day the Taliban denied involvement in this attack and later ISIS-K took responsibility for this attack.

However, even after the serial blast, the rescue operation from Kabul airport has not stopped. Work is being done to evacuate people from Kabul airport since Friday morning. It is believed that this operation can accelerate in the remaining days. But concern is also being expressed that in the coming few days such attacks at the airport may increase.

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