Taliban does not accept women’s office even in burqa, the commander said – whatever the world says…

The big talk that the Taliban was talking about before forming the government in Afghanistan is now seen to be retracting after the formation of the government. Taliban has made it clear that women will not be allowed to work with men, Sharia law will be fully implemented in the country.

Senior Taliban commander Wahidullah Hashimi has said this to the news agency Reuters. According to Hashimi, even if there is pressure from the world to give women freedom to work, but in Afghanistan, work will be done only according to Sharia law.

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, it claimed that women would be allowed to work under Sharia law. But now a month later, the Taliban has completely reversed.

‘War fought to bring back Sharia law’

Hashimi said that we have fought the war for 40 years only because we bring back Sharia law in Afghanistan. Sharia law does not allow men and women to sit and work together. It is clear that women cannot work with men, nor are they allowed to enter our offices and ministries.

Now everyone’s eyes are fixed on how true these statements of Taliban’s senior commander Wahidullah Hashimi prove to be in the coming days. But the Taliban have also indicated this in their one month rule.

Hashimi also says that there is a need to remove them even in the areas where women have made progress in some time. However, in the coming times, separate study and work centers can be made for women where only women are there.

Taliban ban on women

Different restrictions have been imposed on women and girls by the Taliban. A veil is being put up between boys and girls in the college, if a woman is found without a burqa, then Taliban fighters are beating her on the street.

When the Taliban held its first press conference, it had announced that it would give women the opportunity to work in the government. Women will be given every right under Sharia law.

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