Taliban claim – Panjshir captured, Ahmed Masood said – will not give up till the last drop of blood

The Taliban has also claimed occupation of Panjshir province of Afghanistan. Northern Alliance chief Ahmed Masood, who is taking on the Taliban in Panjshir amid Taliban claims released an audio message on Monday. In the audio message released by Ahmed Masood, people have been called to rise against the Taliban. Ahmed Masood has also targeted Pakistan in the audio message.

Masood has said that every country is aware of Pakistan’s involvement but still every country is silent. Masood has said that the fighters of the Resistance Front are invincible. He confirmed the bombing of Panjshir by Pakistan and Taliban. Faheem as well as several members of Ahmed Masood’s family were killed in the bombing by Taliban and Pakistan in Panjshir.

Masood has said that Pakistan directly attacked the Afghans in Panjshir. In an audio message released on its Facebook page, it is said that resistance force is present in Panjshir. He said Pakistan attacked Afghans in Panjshir and the international community kept watching silently. Ahmed Masood has also said in his audio message that he will not give up till the last drop of blood.

Ahmed Masood has said that we will continue the fight against the Taliban. Ahmed Masood has accused the Taliban of carrying out a barbaric attack with the help of Pakistan, saying that the Taliban has not changed. It has now become more oppressive, brutal, extremist and more violent. This audio message of Ahmed Masood comes at a time when Taliban has claimed Panjshir victory and warned opponents that whoever takes up arms against him will be treated like Panjshir.

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