Tajikistan did not allow Ashraf Ghani’s plane to land, now preparing to go from Oman to America

President Ashraf Ghani, who left the country amid the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, can now go to America. Earlier there was information that Ashraf Ghani has reached Tajikistan but his flight could not land there on the previous day. In such a situation, Ashraf Ghani is currently in Oman.

Apart from Ashraf Ghani, Mohib, the National Security Advisor of Afghanistan is also in Oman. Both their aircraft could not get permission to land in Tajikistan on Sunday, so they decided to stay in Oman. Now Ashraf Ghani can go to America from here.

Let us inform that Ashraf Ghani had issued a message on Facebook saying that a difficult situation has arisen in Afghanistan, he had to leave Afghanistan to stop the bloodshed.

Taliban leadership will reach Kabul today

However, if we talk about former President Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah, then both of them are still in Kabul. Talks are being made with the Taliban from both sides and efforts are being made to run a coalition government, so that people face less trouble.

But there is no concrete input on this as of now because the Taliban will put the final seal on it. It is believed that the Taliban leadership can reach Kabul only on Monday, after which the formation of a new Taliban government will begin in Afghanistan.

Earlier it was being said that an unstable government could be formed, which would lead Afghanistan. But the Taliban flatly refused and said that it would take power directly into its own hands. In such a situation, now everything is in the hands of the Taliban.

In the midst of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, people continue to leave from here. Thousands gathered at Kabul Airport on Monday, people wanted to leave the country by any flight. However, the operation of the planes was stopped in the afternoon amidst uncontrollable situation.

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