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Afghanistan crisis: US declines to say if Ashraf Ghani is still Afghan president

WASHINGTON: Amid the Afghanistan crisis, the US State Department on Monday declined to say if the United States still recognized Ashraf Ghani as the Afghan president after he left the country on Sunday as insurgent Taliban fighters toppled his government in a matter of weeks. “So this is something that we are working on with the […]

Tajikistan did not allow Ashraf Ghani’s plane to land, now preparing to go from Oman to America

President Ashraf Ghani, who left the country amid the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, can now go to America. Earlier there was information that Ashraf Ghani has reached Tajikistan but his flight could not land there on the previous day. In such a situation, Ashraf Ghani is currently in Oman. Apart from Ashraf Ghani, Mohib, the […]

Amid Attack From Taliban, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani May Resign, Leave Country

Amid consistent attacks from Taliban, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday addressed the nation in a recorded message and said that the country is reeling under huge threat due to Taliban’s takeover but he reiterated the situation is under control. As per a report by News18, Ghani is likely to announce his resignation, however, TOLO […]

Taliban capture the province along the PAK border, the President of Afghanistan said – will unite the army

President Ashraf Ghani addressed the nation on Saturday amid the havoc of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Describing the plan ahead, he said that the priority of his government is to reorganize the army. Ghani’s speech comes at a time when the Taliban are taking over Afghan major cities one by one and the capital is […]

Taliban trying to capture Kandahar, Afghan army ready for war

The dominance of Taliban is increasing rapidly in different parts of Afghanistan. Once again the crisis of maintaining democracy in Afghanistan has arisen. In the midst of this catastrophe, India Today reached Kandahar in Afghanistan and took stock of the situation there, which is currently surrounded by Taliban from all sides. Kandahar is the second […]

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