Someone from Gandhi family came here to drink lassi…. Congress’s pinch on Smriti Irani’s reply

A video of Union Minister Smriti Irani is becoming increasingly viral on social media. She has just gone on a tour of Amethi and is meeting many people there. One such video of her is also viral, where she has reached a lassi shop. There Smriti is asking the Lassi shop owner a question – has anyone ever come here from the Gandhi family?

Smriti Irani got the answer to this question which she could hardly have expected. On the question of Smriti, the shopkeeper said – Priyanka has come…Rahul has come…all have come. Smriti smiled after hearing this reply of the shopkeeper, but nothing was said from her side. Congress has shared this video on social media.

What’s in the video?

While sharing that video, Congress leader Srinivas Biwi has written that LOL moment happened with Smriti Irani. Smriti Irani feels that everything is happening for the first time in this country. Even before this, on many occasions such statements and such videos have trended on social media. The only difference is that sometimes the BJP is attacking the Congress and sometimes the Congress is seen giving a befitting reply.

For information, let us tell you that Smriti Irani is on a two-day visit to Amethi. There he inaugurated the oxygen plant and computer lab. During a program there, he also took a jibe at the Gandhi family. It was said that in all these years Congress could not even make proper arrangement of water in Amethi.

Who is that lassi wala?

Now in the midst of that busy tour, Smriti decided to visit the famous Lassi shop in Amethi and she reached the Ashrafi Lal Lassi Corner. There, many workers and common people were also seen standing with him. Then in talks, Smriti asked such a question to the shopkeeper and Congress got a chance to taunt him.

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