Shocking transformation of Neena Gupta’s daughter Masaba, told how she lost weight

Fashion designer and Bollywood celeb stylist Masaba Gupta on Friday shared a photo of herself, in which she is seen with weight loss. Masaba Gupta has also written a long post with this photo.

Masaba has told that he has lost weight after two hours of workout every day. Have not eaten outside food. If you want, then you have fulfilled your cravings by ordering only on weekends. It would not be wrong to say that Masaba Gupta’s transformation is an inspiration for all.

Masaba Gupta wrote, “My workouts, walks and yoga from 7 to 9 in the morning are sure. I don’t compromise with it. I don’t order outside food on weekdays at all.”

Masaba further wrote that I eat simple, homemade food. I do not become a part of any celebration at night. I do not take any kind of stress nor do I pick up any phone which can distract me.

Masaba writes that due to this routine, I have overcome my PCOD. Have stopped taking medicines. I am able to focus well and like to eat and drink with family and friends. Maybe I prefer to spend more time with them on weekends.

In the photo, Masaba Gupta is seen wearing a sports bra and tights. Fans are surprised to see her toned body. Masaba is including complete nutrition in her diet.

Masaba writes that I have become very cautious about my health, the way I am about my business and relationships. If you also say the same thing to yourself everyday, then you will be able to become fitness conscious. This is where it begins.

Masaba says that in the last 10 years, she has not felt so light and light as she is doing these days. With the help of exercise, he has overcome his hormonal issue.

Let us tell you that recently Masaba Gupta’s mother Neena Gupta’s book ‘Sach Kahun To’ has been launched. In this book, the actress has written about the incidents that happened in the industry and personal life, which disturbed her a bit. At this time this book of the actress has come in a lot of discussion.(Image Source – Instagram)

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