Shikhar Dhawan-Aesha Divorce: The whole story of Shikhar Dhawan-Aesha coming together to separation

Team India’s opener Shikhar Dhawan has divorced his wife Ayesha Mukherjee. Ayesha herself has revealed this with an emotional post on her Instagram account. Although Dhawan has kept silence about it so far. The two got married in October 2012 and lived together for about 9 years. Let us know how Dhawan and Ayesha started this ‘partnership’ and why their love story was different.

The love story of Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha Mukherjee is completely different. The mood of both is very similar. Both are not only sports lovers, but they also have a different craze about tattoos. While ‘Gabbar’ is a big star in the world of cricket, Ayesha has also been a kick boxer.

Who is Ayesha Mukherjee- Ayesha was born in West Bengal. He is an Anglo-Indian. Ayesha’s father was Indian and mother was of British origin. Ayesha was only 8 years old when her family moved to Australia. Since the beginning, her interest has been in sports like cricket and football, but she was more interested in kick boxing.

How did Dhawan-Ayesha meet – Dhawan met Ayesha through the Internet. Shikhar was scrolling through his Facebook feed and suddenly saw a picture of Ayesha. Dhawan was in awe of her beauty at a glance. The interesting thing was that spin bowler Harbhajan Singh was mutual friend of Dhawan and Ayesha. Dhawan had extended his first hand for the relationship. He had sent a request to Ayesha on Facebook, which he accepted. After chatting on Facebook, the two became close friends and their friendship turned into love.

Kais Kahi Dil Ki Baat– Dhawan was a bit hesitant to speak his heart out to Ayesha. He took the help of Bhajji to express his feelings. It was Bhajji who told Dhawan about the breakup of Ayesha’s first marriage, but when you are in love with someone, then nothing matters. Knowing that Ayesha is a divorced woman, Dhawan’s love for this Bengal beauty has not diminished in the slightest.

There is no age limit – when a person falls in love with someone, then age becomes just a number. There was something similar in Dhawan-Ayesha’s love story too. Very few people know that Ayesha Mukherjee is 10 years older than Shikhar Dhawan. But for Dhawan, Ayesha was no less than a best friend. Both wanted to explore many things in the path of love.

The family was not ready– When Dhawan told his family about Ayesha, his family members were not happy with this relationship. It was not an easy task for Dhawan to convince his family members for a divorced woman 10 years older. His father Mahendra Pal Dhawan was strongly against the marriage of both. But his mother Sunaina Dhawan was very positive about the relationship between the two.

Married in 2012 – After the family agreed, Dhawan and Ayesha got engaged in the year 2009, but both took some time to tie the knot. Actually Dhawan first wanted to establish himself as a successful cricketer. He wanted to mingle completely with Ayesha’s kids Alia and Riya. Ayesha also hoped that there would be a strong bond between Dhawan and his daughters. After going through a lot of ups and downs, Dhawan finally married Ayesha on October 30, 2012.

The wedding took place with pomp– Despite Ayesha being a Bengali, she was married to Dhawan under the customs and traditions of Sikhism. Many veteran cricketers of Team India had reached the wedding of their fellow player, including the name of Virat Kohli. Kohli had made a lot of noise with the dance in the procession. After marriage, the relationship of both of them went on good for many years.

Once in an interview, Dhawan was even asked if he ever had a problem with Ayesha’s two daughters. Then Dhawan had said, ‘I have never had a problem with this. Whatever happens from nature, they get molded in your life. I was in luck – I had two daughters. So she came into my life all of a sudden. The way she loves me today, I consider myself very lucky.

Dhawan-Ayesha’s son- After about two years of marriage, the first ‘baby boy’ came in Dhawan-Ayesha’s life. The child who completed the family frame was named Zoravar. After this, Dhawan not only became a caring husband, but also became a responsible father of three children. Ayesha’s elder daughter Aaliya is 20 years old and she is only 15 years younger than Dhawan (35). After this, Riya (15) and Zoravar (6) are years old.

Divorce– Ayesha recently mentioned her divorce from Dhawan in one of her Instagram posts. This post tells that everything was not going well between the two. Perhaps the two were no longer happy together as before. Even unfollowed each other on social media.

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