Scientists said- Corona virus leaked from Wuhan’s lab, no evidence of its spread from bats

British scientists have claimed that the coronavirus originated from the Wuhan lab in China and that there is no evidence of its natural outbreak of bats. The new claim will add to China’s already heightened woes. The United States and some Western countries have already questioned the claims of Coronavirus’s origins (the beginning of its outbreak) and China.

US President Joe Biden has summoned reports from the country’s intelligence agencies in 90 days. Now the revelations of British scientists have raised doubts and questions on China. On the other hand, China has maintained silence by issuing just one statement.

Professor Angus Dalglish of Britain and Doctor Berger Sorensen of Norway have done this new study. According to this – SARS-CoV-2 virus actually leaked during research from Wuhan Lab in China. When this mistake was made, an attempt was made to hide it through the reverse engineering version. Chinese scientists wanted to show the world that the virus was spread by bats, not natural labs.

Research paper released after the study says – there is no strong evidence that it is a natural virus. Actually, Chinese scientists wanted to gain an edge in the science sector through this. In other words, there was a big accident in the race to get out from other scientists of the world and it became a threat to the whole humanity.

According to the paper, scientists have also found some evidence from samples of Kovid-19 during the investigation. It is clear from this that the evidence in the lab was tampered with. These scientists also claim that China has been doing such activities for many years, but these responsibilities have been ignored. Some Chinese researchers were silenced when they wanted to open their tongue. Some Chinese scientists are also associated with American universities. British scientists claim that the virus leaked into humans after being leaked from the lab and has become more contagious and powerful over time. There are technical reasons for this.

In an interview to the British newspaper The Daily Mail, Norway’s doctor Berger Sorensen said – so far there has never been a natural virus mutated so fast. They have a method and catch the researcher. After this its antivirus is prepared. The story is completely different in Kovid’s case. Even though Chinese scientists now claim something, but the truth is coming out and one day everything will be in front of us. We have seen lab leaks before too.

Doctor Sorensen said- Recall an incident of February 2020. Botao Xiao, a senior researcher and molecular expert at a University of South China, said in his research paper – The deadly corona came out of a lab in Wuhan. There were no security arrangements to deal with it here. However, when the pressure increased on him, he withdrew the claim.

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