Ruckus on Javed Akhtar’s statement comparing Taliban and RSS, BJP said – Apologize otherwise…

BJP has attacked lyricist and film writer Javed Akhtar for comparing RSS and Taliban. BJP leader Ram Kadam has demanded an apology from Akhtar for the statement and said that till he does not apologise, he will not allow his films to run in the country.

Recently in an interview given to a news portal, Javed Akhtar had said that Taliban is barbaric, its actions are condemnable, but all those who support RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are the same. This statement of Javed Akhtar was not liked by the BJP leader, to which he said that if the RSS was like the Taliban, then Javed Akhtar would not have been allowed to make such statements.

Maharashtra BJP MLA and spokesperson Ram Kadam targeted Javed Akhtar and said, “The politicians associated with the RSS are at the top of the affairs in the government. These leaders are running the country following Raj Dharma, if they were like Taliban, would Akhtar have been allowed to make such a statement? This one analogy proves that his statements are wrong. But by making such remarks, he has hurt the sentiments of RSS workers working for the poor people in the country. If he does not apologize to him, we will not allow his films to run in this country.

BJP youth wing took out protest

The youth wing of the BJP on Saturday took out a protest morcha to Javed Akhtar’s residence in Juhu, demanding an apology for his statement. A youth wing protester said, “We feel that Akhtar is not mentally stable. This country has given them everything. The RSS helps people at the grassroots level and they have compared it to the Taliban. this is unacceptable. If he does not apologise, our agitation against him will intensify.”

Javed Akhtar also reportedly said that India is a secular nation, the population is also secular to a large extent, but there are some who support organizations like RSS and VHP and have similar ideology to the Nazis.

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