Ravi Shastri will be with Team India for two more months! Said – I have achieved everything

Team India’s head coach Ravi Shastri can leave his post after the T20 World Cup. If the Indian team makes it to the final of the T20 World Cup, which will be played on November 14, then Ravi Shastri will be with Team India for about two more months.

In an interview given to ‘The Guardian’, he said that he has achieved everything as a coach. Shastri said that if Team India is successful in winning the T20 World Cup, then it will be icing on the cake. Also, Shastri does not regret going to the book launch ceremony.

It is worth noting that Shastri and three support staff were found positive before the scheduled Manchester Test. After which the Manchester Test match had to be cancelled.

Ravi Shastri said, ‘I have achieved everything I wanted. Five years to be number 1 in Test cricket, winning the series twice in Australia, winning in England. I spoke to Michael Atherton earlier this summer and said it was the last for me – to beat Australia in Australia and win in England in the time of Covid. We are 2-1 against England and the way we played at Lord’s and Oval was special.

Shastri further said, ‘We have defeated every team in the world in white-ball cricket in their own country. If we win the T20 World Cup, that will be the most important thing. There is nothing more than this. I believe in one thing that never wait too long for your welcome. This is the most satisfying moment of my four decades in cricket.

‘I don’t care’

Ravi Shastri compared the coach of the Indian team to the football coach of England or Brazil. Shastri said, ‘You know being coach of India is like being a football coach of Brazil or England. You are always at gunpoint. You can have a great six months and then if you get out for 36, they will shoot you. You have to win immediately or else they will eat you. I am a thick skinned man, so I don’t mind.’

Regarding the book launch event, Shastri said, ‘I have absolutely no regrets, because the people I met at that event were wonderful. It was also good for the team that they met different people instead of being in a closed room. During the Oval Test, more than 5 thousand people were present. So how can you blame the book launch.

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