Rajya Sabha to send TMC to Sushmita Dev, who quit Congress

Leader Sushmita Dev, who left the Congress in August last month, is now going to get a big responsibility in Mamta’s party TMC. TMC has made up its mind to send Sushmita to Rajya Sabha. He has been nominated and information has also been given through Twitter.

Big chance for Sushmita Dev who left Congress

TMC has said in the tweet that Mamta Banerjee has only one objective that women should be empowered, they should have maximum participation in politics. This step of his will be helpful in fulfilling that objective. Sushmita Dev herself has also expressed happiness over this decision of TMC. Describing Mamta as her leader, she has said that she is going to fight in the Rajya Sabha with full dedication.

Why did Congress leave?

For information, let us tell you that on August 16 last month, Sushmita Dev left the Congress party. At the time when she left the Congress, she was working as the president of the women’s wing. At the time when the assembly elections were going on in Bengal and Assam, Sushmita was said to be angry with many decisions of the Congress. In such a situation, seeing the right time, he made up his mind to leave Congress and join TMC. Then later he joined Trinamool in front of Abhishek Banerjee and chose Mamta as his leader.

Now Sushmita Dev is preparing to go to Rajya Sabha. By-elections have been announced for some Rajya Sabha seats on September 9 itself. Voting is scheduled to take place on October 4. This includes states like Bengal, Assam, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. In this episode, TMC has declared Sushmita Dev as its candidate. Now whether she wins or not, it will be clear only on October 4 as it has been told by the Election Commission that polling and results will come on the same day.

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