Rajma grains were used for ‘Pleasure’, bad condition happened, youth reached hospital

For a sexual, pleasur a person was forced to do strange acts. 6 grains of Rajma were stuck in the private part of the person. The pain in the body increased so much that doctors had to perform surgery on him. (Symbol Photo/Getty images) (Photo/Michigan man)

According to a report published in the Daily Mail, the condition of a 30-year-old man living in Michigan, USA, had started deteriorating. He was immediately admitted to the hospital for treatment. Here the doctor saved his life by performing immediate surgery. (Photo/Michigan man)

The man was admitted to Sparrow Hospital in Michigan in critical condition. He was moaning in pain and could not even urinate. When the doctors checked, it came to know that 6 grains of Rajma are trapped in the private part of the person.

The doctors were surprised to know this. However, instead of searching for answers to these questions with the doctor at that time, it was necessary to save the life of the person. Dr. Margo Dennis and his team immediately performed surgery on the man and took out 6 grains of kidney beans, after which his life could be saved. (Symbolic Photo/Getty Images)

Dr. Margo Dennis told that kidney beans were stuck in the urine tube. Although the person tried to take them out at home too, but he did not succeed. (Symbolic Photo/Getty Images)

It was a minor surgery due to which he was discharged from the hospital the same day. When the doctors asked him about the grains of Rajma, he said that he was doing experiments. (Symbolic Photo/Getty Images)

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