Punjab Congress Crisis: Congress’s tussle is not ending in Punjab, a check-out game between Sidhu and Captain

The party is not opening its cards to make Navjot Singh Sidhu the President of Punjab Congress. Even before that, there is an atmosphere of celebration at Navjot Singh Sidhu’s house located in Ludhiana. Sidhu’s supporters are distributing sweets and celebrating. However, no announcement has been made about Sidhu yet.

Meanwhile, posters have also been put up congratulating Sidhu, but Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh’s picture is missing from it. In Chandigarh also Sidhu’s supporters reached outside the Congress office to celebrate, where the announcement is being awaited with drums and drums.

Assembly elections are going to be held in many states including Punjab, UP next year. In UP, where the parties are busy preparing for the elections, in Punjab the Congress tussle is not taking the name of ending. A game of check and match is on between Navjot Singh Sidhu and Captain Amarinder Singh. The round of meeting started again. All the formulas of reconciliation seem to be failing.

Harish Rawat took a U-turn

Three days ago, Congress leader Harish Rawat had said that good news would come from Punjab, after which Rawat had indicated to make Sidhu the President of Punjab Congress in a conversation with ‘Aaj Tak’. As soon as this signal was received, the camp of Captain Amarinder Singh was enraged, after which Harish Rawat and Sonia Gandhi met. After meeting the interim president of Congress, Harish Rawat once again took a U-turn.

Sidhu’s meeting with MLAs-Ministers

On the other hand, Sidhu called a meeting of MLAs at night. In Chandigarh, an important meeting of 5 ministers and about 10 MLAs was held with Sidhu. After Sidhu’s meeting, Captain Amarinder Singh also called an emergency meeting of his close MLAs, ministers and MPs at his farm house in Siswan, Mohali, where further strategy was discussed.

According to sources, Captain Amarinder Singh was very upset about Navjot Singh Sidhu’s secret meeting with ministers and MLAs late at night. The Captain had received information that Navjot Singh Sidhu had instigated the ministers and MLAs present in this meeting to resign against the Captain. Late night CM Captain Amarinder and Punjab Congress in-charge Harish Rawat had a long conversation on the phone regarding this matter. After the conversation between Captain and Harish Rawat, the high command summoned Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Kamal Nath had met Sonia on the Punjab issue itself

If sources are to be believed, Captain Amarinder Singh is still adamant that if Navjot Singh Sidhu is made the Punjab Congress President, the Congress will be torn apart. At the same time, a few days ago there was also a meeting between Sonia Gandhi and Kamal Nath.

Sources are telling that the main issue of that meeting was also the political ruckus in the Punjab Congress. In the meeting, Kamal Nath had opposed giving a big post to Sidhu. Kamal Nath said that if Sidhu was made the President of Punjab Congress, then the rift and war would increase. Kamal Nath has previously been in charge of Punjab and is considered very close to Captain Amarinder Singh.

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