Prime Minister Modi launches e-Rupi in India, now payment will be even easier

Today, through video conferencing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched e-RUPI. It has been developed by National Payment Corporation of India on its UPI platform. It has been developed in collaboration with Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and National Health Authority.

It was told at the launch that e-RUPI is an important milestone in Digital India which was started in August 2014. UPI BHIM was launched in December 2016. About 300 crore transactions take place on this every month. It surpassed all debit and credit cards. Money transfer phone calls have become so easy.

The launch of e-RUPI is as important as BHIM was 5 years ago. It is real time and paperless. The use of e-RUPI is to take government schemes to the general public. This is leak proof.

As soon as the QR code is scanned, a code comes to the beneficiary. On entering this code the code becomes REEDEM and payment is done. This is done in few minutes. This will ensure that that money will be used for the same work for which it is being given. In the initial stage, it is being used in the health sector. With time, more things will be added to it.

If someone wants to give treatment or food to someone, then e-Rupi will prove to be very helpful for them. He will ensure the purpose for which the money is being given. If someone wants to give a bed in an old age home, then e-RUPI will ensure that. If money is being given for books by the government in the school, then it will be done through e-RUPI. With this, money will be spent only in buying books in the school.

PM Modi has said that technology will empower everyone. The poor will also get the benefit of this. Using e-RUPI is very easy. With e-RUPI, it will be ensured that the work for which the money will be sent is only used in it. Banks and payment gateways have a huge role in this.

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