Price Of Petrol reaches Rs 101.37/ litre on Sunday in Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL: Petrol touched its highest ever price on Sunday — at Rs 101.37/ litre in Bhopal. The state government levies a huge amount of tax on bothpetrol and diesel -making Madhya Pradesh one of the states where fuel is the costliest. The state collects about Rs 27.75 on every litre of petrol sold in Madhya Pradesh and this includes a cess of Rs 4.50 while the state collects about Rs 18.75 on diesel including Rs 3 cess.
“Amid job insecurity and salary cuts as the inflation touches the roof the aam aadmi wants this part of the petrol diesel to be reduced”, said Raman Sharma, a health worker refueling his vehicle on Sunday Last year on June 13, Madhya Pradesh government levied Re 1 cess on petrol and diesel to compensate for the revenue loss incurred in the state due to coronavirus-induced lockdown when cost of the petrol was Rs 82.64 per litre and diesel was retailed at Rs 73.14 per litre in Madhya Pradesh.

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