Pornography Case: The difficulties of Raj Kundra increased, 4 ex-employees became witnesses, revealed big secrets!

The problems of Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra are not taking the name of decreasing, they are increasing. Four ex-employees from his company Viaan have given a statement against Raj Kundra in the pornography case. Now a big turning point has come to the fore in this matter. Now from here the difficulties of Raj Kundra seem to be increasing a lot.

4 witnesses against Raj Kundra

According to the latest reports of India Today, according to the Crime Branch big evidence has been found against Raj Kundra. Four employees working in his company have recorded their statements before the magistrate in the court. Details about these four people have also come to the fore. All these witnesses were once part of Raj Kundra’s company Viaan. Now these four witnesses are giving statement against Raj Kundra and helping the crime branch in the investigation.

Chartered Accountant gave statement against Raj Kundra

The first witness is a chartered accountant by profession. The witness has shared all the information related to the balance sheet. Many details of money transactions are now slowly coming to the fore, which is helping the Mumbai Police. The second witness is the most important. This witness is the finance officer. It has given all the information about money trials. All the details related to the transaction of money, revenue and money outside the country have come to the fore. The remaining two witnesses are from the technical field. Both of them have informed the police about the technical support of the company, maintenance of the app, data deletion and other technical issues.

Big success in the hands of Mumbai Police

According to the Mumbai Police, all the witnesses have given very important information about Raj Kundra’s work. In this case, a very important achievement has been taken by the police. In the court, these evidences will be seen weakening the side of Raj Kundra, which can create a big problem for Raj Kundra.

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