Pornography Case: Forced to make obscene films, refusing to threaten police case

Now India Today has the details of two victims who have recorded their statements in this case, who claimed that they were forced to act in adult films.

So far, many details have come to the fore regarding the pornography racket case. From Raj Kundra’s Plan B to how his Hotshot app worked. Now India Today has the details of two victims who have recorded their statements in this case, who claimed that they were forced to act in adult films.

Videos were put on the app by forcibly shooting porn

These women had recorded their statements before the Mumbai Crime Branch in February. She had said that she was forcibly made obscene scenes and threatened to file a police case for breach of contract. She was initially lured with money as she lacked work due to the lockdown. Her statement revealed how the struggling actress was consoled to work in the web series amid the lockdown. Later she was made to sign pornographic content. The victims have named Gehna Vashistha and Rova Khan and others. Claimed that she sold her videos to Arvind Srivastal i.e. Yash Thakur and businessman Raj Kundra. Those videos were uploaded to Hot Hit, Hotshot and Nuefliks.

The first victim made serious allegations against Gehna

A complainant is 20 years old, who plays small roles in Marathi shows. She told that she and her parents did not have work in the lockdown. The household expenses were not running. So she was looking for work. On January 10 this year, she saw an ad on Insta, Facebook regarding acting assignment in the web series. Later, the person named in the ad called Naresh. A few days later, Naresh called her for a shoot in Madh and made 10 thousand offers every day. There the woman was told that this series belonged to Jewel Vashistha and she was taken to the make-up room.

The woman was told that she would play the role of a queen. There is a king and the rest three characters in the story. First some scenes were shot in the garden and then shot in the bungalow. The scene of the woman was being shot with three side actors, later that scene turned into a rape scene. Then when the woman refused to work, Gehna threatened her. Said that 10 lakhs have been spent on this scene, if the work is not done then the loss will have to be suffered. Then the woman was forced to do intimate scenes. The woman was threatened not to tell anyone about these scenes. The woman was given 10 thousand.

What did the second victim write in the complaint?

The second complainant, 25 years old, was also forced by Rova Khan to make obscene content. When the victim was shooting in Mudd’s bungalow, the police raided the spot. On 4 February, the victim was introduced to Rova. The woman was told that she would work in the video Single Mother. After doing makeup, it was said that she would not fit in the role of a single mother, she is thin. Then she was given the script which was named ‘Uttarwali’. The woman decided not to work after reading the script. On refusing, Rova said that she will have to do this for money, the film will not be aired on the channel. Rova had said that your look, name will all be changed, no one will be able to recognize you.

The victim was named Shanaya and a no-objection video was recorded. In the shoot, the woman had to become a pottery and ring the doorbell of the main lead actor. Then the man takes the woman to the bedroom. There women feel uncomfortable. Rova Khan gets upset seeing so many retakes. Rova said to the victim – don’t you have a boyfriend? why are you so shy Are we asking you to have sex? In the next scene, the woman had to remove all the clothes. On not doing so, Rova threatened to file a case by threatening her. The woman again did a semi nude scene. The scene was going on when the police came and the shoot had to be stopped.

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