PM Narendra Modi urges Indian Missions abroad to further popularise Indian products globally

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday (August 6, 2021) interacted with Heads of Indian Missions abroad and urged them to further popularise Indian products globally. During the ‘Local Goes Global – Make in India for the World’ video conference address, Prime Minister Modi also talked to stakeholders of the trade & commerce sector. 

Prime Minister Modi said that India’s ambitious target regarding exports can be achieved only through a holistic and detailed action plan. He stated that at present, almost half of India’s exports are to only four major destinations and asked them to find new destinations and take new products to the world. 

PM Modi also discussed ways to boost Indian exports and developing ‘Brand India’ on the foundations of quality and reliability. He urged the stakeholders to put all their efforts to take advantage of the new opportunities created by the changes in the Global Supply Chain in the Post-COVID-19 global world. 

Prime Minister Modi added that when the country is moving towards the mission of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, one of its goals is to increase India’s share in exports manifold. 

He said that to achieve this, India has to make sure that it gets access to the global supply chain so that the business can scale and grow. PM Modi added that India’s industry will also have to move towards the best technology, focus on innovation and increase share in R&D. 

Prime Minister Modi highlighted four factors for increasing exports. Firstly, he said that manufacturing in the country has increased manifold and that has to be qualitatively competitive. Second, the problems of transport, logistics should be removed for that centre, states and private stakeholders will have to work continuously. Third, the government should walk shoulder to shoulder with the exporters and then the fourth that the international market for Indian products needs to be expanded. He said only when these four factors are synergized, India will be able to achieve the goal of ‘Make in India’ for the world in a better way.

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