PM Modi told Neeraj Chopra over the phone – ‘Fauji Neeraj Chopra’ looks forward to meeting on 15th August

Neeraj Chopra created history in Tokyo Olympics. He has brought laurels to the entire country by winning gold in Javelin. The celebration is such that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has called and congratulated Neeraj. He has jokingly said that Panipat has shown water.

PM Modi spoke to Neeraj on the phone

The PM said that the whole country is proud of you. You have made everyone very happy. Modi also explained in detail about Neeraj’s struggle. He informed that Neeraj was injured in the middle, due to which his training was affected a lot. But still he did not lose his courage and did this feat in the Tokyo Olympics. During the conversation, PM Modi praised Neeraj and said that he never takes pressure. This is his strength. He says that when I talked to you before leaving, you were looking very calm, there was no pressure. Your confidence was on a different level.

‘I gave my 100 percent’

Neeraj told the PM that he had given 100 percent from his side. All they wanted was gold and they managed to get it for the country. The Prime Minister also expressed happiness over the fact that this time in the sports in which medals have been brought in the Olympics, earlier the players of India did not do so. In such a situation, he considers the Tokyo Olympics to be very special. The PM is confident that after this brilliant performance of Neeraj, the younger generation will also be motivated and show more interest in sports.

PM remembers ‘Fauji Neeraj Chopra’

At the same time, during the conversation, PM also remembered ‘Fauji Neeraj Chopra’. He said that you are a soldier, in such a situation you will be able to give excellent training to the children who come. They will also do wonders under your guidance. The PM finally said that he is very much looking forward to meeting Neeraj on 15th August.

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