PM Modi and Amit Shah brainstorm for 3 hours on Afghanistan, what will be India’s stand?

The Taliban rule has returned in Afghanistan. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting on the situation in Afghanistan. The brainstorming went on for about three hours on this issue, in which Home Minister Amit Shah was also present. This meeting was very important because India can clear its stand on Taliban.

Let us tell you that India has started formal talks with Taliban. On Tuesday, the Indian Foreign Ministry had told that India’s Ambassador to Qatar Deepak Mittal met Taliban leaders in Doha.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, in this meeting talks were held regarding security and early return of Indian citizens trapped in Afghanistan. The issue of Afghan citizens, especially minorities who want to come to India, also came up in the meeting.

Taliban will pay attention to all concerns of India!

Indian Ambassador Mittal also put India’s concern in front of the Taliban. India said that the land of Afghanistan should not be used for anti-India activities and terrorism in any form. The Taliban representative also assured the Indian ambassador that all concerns of India would be addressed.

The market of speculation is hot about how the relations between Taliban and India will be. At the same time, US Secretary of State Antony Blinton has said that the US will look into the affairs of Afghanistan from Qatar’s capital Doha and India seems to be doing the same right now.

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