‘PM did not give permission to leave meeting’, Center responded to 9 big attacks of Mamta

There is a dispute between the Center and the Bengal government regarding the meeting called on Cyclone Yas. Statements are being made on this issue continuously from Mamta Banerjee. Now all these statements have been answered by the central government.

The dispute between the Central Government and the Government of West Bengal is not over yet. After the Cyclone Yas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting in Bengal, in which Mamta Banerjee and then Chief Secretary Alapan Bandopadhyay arrived at a very late time and went back. However, Mamta Banerjee has said that she had gone back with permission.
Statements are constantly being made by Mamta Banerjee on this issue. Now all these statements have been answered by the central government. On behalf of central government sources, the facts have been put forward on a total of nine statements. What are those statements and what facts have been given, know…
Mamta’s statement: Late information was given about the Prime Minister’s program and meeting. I shortened my schedule because of PM’s schedule.
Fact of the Center: PM’s visit was about the damage of Cyclone Yas, in such a situation that it could not be fixed before the storm. The same timeline was followed during Cyclone Amphan as well. Odisha, Bengal was briefed together. Odisha prepared very well, while the tour there happened earlier.
Mamta’s statement: I waited for the PM.
Center fact: PM landed in Kalaikunda at 1.59 pm, while Mamata Banerjee landed there at 2.10 pm. It is clear that the PM had to wait. It is clear from the tweet of TMC MP who wrote that waiting for PM is not a big deal. Just 25 minutes after landing, she met the PM, stayed in the meeting and went back.
Mamta’s statement: My programs were pre-decided. It is not necessary that every time the CM receives the Prime Minister, he also has his own programmes.
Fact of the Center: Mamata Banerjee talked about joining the meeting, but she turned back when the opposition leader joined. This proves that the pre-determined programs are not the main reason.
Mamta’s statement: In Sagar, he had to wait 20 minutes before landing the PM’s helicopter.
Centre’s fact: They are expected to be present there already, everyone does the same before the PM’s arrival. The security of the PM is in the hands of the SPG, which is a professional body.
Mamta’s statement: He is surprised by the order issued to the Chief Secretary, no advice of the state government was taken in it. This is a violation of the constitution.
Center’s Fact: The order is right, the Chief Secretary is an officer of the All India Cadre. He did not perform his constitutional duty, in which case no presentation was given to the PM nor any person of Bengal government was in the meeting. The retirement of the Chief Secretary tells that Mamta Banerjee is on the backfoot. Mamta’s statement: A few days ago, the Central Government extended the term of Chief Secretary, this decision was taken after the consent of both the parties.
Fact of the Center: The Central Government, along with the State Government, decided this. Mamta’s statement: A local MLA was included in the PM-CM meeting. No objection was raised to the involvement of the Union Minister or the Governor.
Fact of the Center: He is the Leader of Opposition in the Local Legislative Assembly, as well as loss in his areas. This has happened on many occasions when leaders of parties other than the government have attended the meeting.
Mamta’s statement: The Chief Secretary told your colleague about this before the meeting, but there was no response from that side.
Center’s Fact: Mamta Banerjee boycotted the meeting only because of the Leader of the Opposition. The Center did not raise any objection in this, rather the PM was to meet the CM after the review meeting.
Mamta’s statement: I entered the meeting with the Chief Secretary, gave the report to the PM and took permission from him and left for Digha.
Fact of the Center: The Prime Minister did not give permission to Mamta Banerjee to leave the meeting.

Significantly, there is a dispute between the Center and the state government regarding this meeting. The central government had summoned Alapan Bandopadhyay to Delhi, but Mamta did not let him go. Now Alapan Bandopadhyay has become Mamta’s advisor in the Bengal government. So on the other hand, the central government is preparing to take action on Alapan.

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