Pilot BF made such an announcement in flight, girlfriend shivered with shame

A woman who boarded the pilot boyfriend’s plane for the first time has to be embarrassed in front of people. In fact, as soon as his girlfriend was sitting in the flight, the pilot boyfriend, who was flying the plane, made such an announcement in the middle of the journey that the girl was embarrassed among the passengers sitting there. So far more than one crore people have watched this video on the Internet.

Sharing this video on Tick-Talk, the same girl named Hana wrote ‘When you fly in your boyfriend’s plan for the first time.’ Before giving necessary information to the passengers sitting on the flight, the pilot said in the announcement, ‘A special person is traveling with us in the plane. she is my girlfriend. Her name is Hanna and she is sitting on seat number 2C. So when you guys’ journey is over, please do one thing for me.’

The pilot boyfriend urged the passengers and said, ‘While getting off the plane, definitely give my girlfriend a fist bump, high five or your snacks, water bottle. Thanks. Thank you for flying with us and wearing a mask on your journey. We are going to take off soon.

In the caption of this funny video, Hana wrote, ‘Replying to this video, my father said – Come on, at least he did not propose. But I wish he had done so. Millions of people have watched this video so far and are giving interesting reactions to the unique style of the pilot.

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