People were surprised to see new pictures of Kim Jong, changed look

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has been in the news for some time due to his health. During a military meeting in July this year, a bandage was seen on the back of Kim’s forehead and some spots were seen on the head. After these pictures surfaced, speculations started regarding his health. Some pictures of Kim are once again going viral in which she looks very thin. (photo credit: Reuters)

Kim Jong Un was in discussion some time ago about losing weight. However, this time he is looking leaner. According to a report by the State Media of North Korea, Kim Jong Un worked to boost the morale of these people by reaching among the young volunteers in this country battling the Corona period and a crunchy economy. (photo credit: Reuters)

According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong Un has praised the young volunteers for working in difficult and challenging positions. The Supreme Leader of North Korea says that he gives full support to these youth. However, it has not been disclosed in this report what kind of work these volunteers are doing. (photo credit: Reuters)

Deakin University counter-terrorism expert Greg Barton said in a conversation with Yahoo News Australia that there have been many rumors about Kim Jong Un’s weight and that his photos in July have fueled these rumors. There is no doubt that he looks ill. But it may also be that he has undergone surgery. (photo credit: Reuters)

He further said that the purpose of this bariatric surgery can be anything. It is possible that Kim is worried about her increasing weight and is trying to lose weight for her better health. Let us tell you that it has been said about Kim Jong Un that he is fond of cigarettes and alcohol. (photo credit: Reuters)

At the same time, in this case, Professor Justin Hastings of the University of Sydney said that it is also possible that Kim Jong Un has lost weight due to completely different reasons. It may be that they are seeing themselves as youth leaders and hence trying to establish themselves as a fit leader among the youth by losing weight. (photo credit: Reuters)

He said that when you are overweight, many problems arise. Seeing the unedited video of Kim Jong Un, it can be clearly understood that he used to have trouble walking even a small distance. In such a situation, this whole matter can also be about Kim Jong’s attention to his health. (photo credit: Reuters)

It is worth noting that when Kim Jong Un did not attend his grandfather’s birthday celebrations on April 15 last year, many questions were raised about his health because Kim Jong Un has been attending this event every year but last year he did not. did. Since then, there has been an increase in speculation about his health. (photo credit: Reuters)

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