Pegasus hacking controversy will resonate in Parliament, many members have given notice, Rahul surrounded the government

In the monsoon session of Parliament, this time there is a possibility of a fierce battle between the government and the opposition. Even before the start of the session, one such issue has come to the fore, which has shaken everyone. It has been claimed by the international media that the phones of many journalists politicians and others in India were hacked using Pegasus software. There is a possibility of a ruckus in Parliament on Monday regarding this disclosure.

Discussion on this subject has been demanded by the opposition parties in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha and an adjournment motion has been given. Discussion on this subject has been demanded by many MPs including CPI leader Binoy Vishwam, RJD MP Manoj Jha, AAP MP Sanjay Singh in Rajya Sabha.

Apart from these leaders, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has also taunted the government by tweeting. Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet that we know what ‘he’ is reading, whatever is in your phone. It is clear from the sharp attitude of the opposition that the government may have to face questions in Parliament on this issue.

What is the whole matter?

Actually, a report has been issued by many media agencies of different countries of the world on the last day. In which it has been claimed that with the help of the Israeli spyware Pegasus, the governments of many countries were hacking the phones of their identified people and getting their information.

India is also named in this, the phones of many journalists, opposition leaders, ministers and others have been claimed to have been hacked. After this revelation, the government is being targeted by the opposition since the last day.

It has been claimed in the report that around 300 phone numbers of India were hacked during this period. Most of the numbers were hacked between 2018 and 2019. The entire series will be taken out by media companies on this issue, in the first episode, the names of journalists have been brought out.

What was the response from the government?

The government has termed all these issues as wrong amid the companies’ disclosures, the opposition’s allegations. The government has denied involvement in any kind of hacking, as well as calling it an attempt to tarnish the image of a strong democracy like India.

The Government of India has said in its reply that India is a strong democracy which is committed to ensuring the right to privacy as a fundamental right to all its citizens.

What did the company say on the allegations of espionage?

The Pegasus spyware from which the hacking was claimed is made by the Israeli company NSO Group. The NSO Group has responded to the revelations made on the previous day and the whole story has been termed as wrong.

The NSO company has said in its statement that the report shared is completely wrong. It seems that some unknown source has given wrong information, on the basis of which it has been prepared. NSO Group is preparing to file a defamation case against the media companies publishing this report.

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