Pegasus controversy: Ministry of Defense told in Parliament – there was no transaction with NSO Group

In the current session of Parliament, opposition parties are constantly raising the issue of Pegasus espionage and demanding discussion with the government. Discussion on this issue has not been done in the Parliament yet, meanwhile a question related to this dispute has been answered in the Rajya Sabha.

In a written reply in the Rajya Sabha on Monday, the Ministry of Defense has told that there is no transaction of the Ministry with the NSO Group of Technology.

Let us tell you that NSO Group is the same Israeli company whose allegations of espionage are being made with the help of spyware Pegasus and the opposition is continuously raising voice against the government in Parliament.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Rajya Sabha member V. Shivdasan had asked some questions related to expenditure from the Defense Ministry. In this, the question was also asked whether the government has done any transaction with NSO Group.

In a written reply given in the Rajya Sabha on this question, it has been told by the Ministry of Defense that the Ministry has not had any transaction with the NSO Group of Technologies.

Continuous uproar in Parliament

The Pegasus espionage case came to light just before the commencement of the ongoing monsoon session of Parliament. The session began on July 19 and since then the issue has been continuously raised by opposition MPs in both the houses of Parliament. Discussion is being demanded by giving an adjournment motion, slogans are being raised against the government, the voice of stop espionage is being raised. However, this issue has not been discussed in Parliament so far. This is the reason why this entire session is getting into a ruckus.

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