Partner raped, then two finger test of female Airforce officer done

A 28-year-old female officer of the Air Force (IAF), who accused the partner of rape, has made serious allegations. She has accused the doctors of doing a two-finger test to confirm the rape. Supreme Court has banned the two-finger test. Apart from this, the victim accused of tampering with evidence and adopting insensitive attitude during interrogation.

According to the First Information Report (FIR) filed by the Tamil Nadu Police on September 20, the woman officer said that she was raped on the premises of the Air Force Administrative College in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore district. She also said that the college authorities told her that if she could bear the pain of the ankle injury (which she suffered hours before the alleged crime), she could also deal with the pain of seeing her rapist on campus.

The Indian Air Force declined to comment on the allegations. After being arrested by the local police, the 29-year-old flight lieutenant, his lawyer and the Indian Air Force on Monday argued in the Additional Women’s Court in Coimbatore that the civil police had no jurisdiction in the matter.

He demanded that the custody of the accused be transferred to the Indian Air Force for court-martial action. However, the court extended the judicial custody of the accused till September 30 and said it would decide on the jurisdiction of the case on that day.

What is the whole matter

According to the FIR, the victim injured her right leg while playing basketball during training on September 9. She took a painkiller and joined her colleagues that evening at the officers’ mess bar, where the accused offered to pay for her second drink.

The victim female officer said that she vomited and went to bed, and two friends (one male and the other female) looked after her and locked the room from outside before leaving, while she was sleeping, the accused alleged. came inside, tried to wake her up and tried to kiss her.

According to the victim, she kept pushing him (accused) away but failed due to ankle injury and then he was raped. After this, the victim was given two options – either file a complaint, or give a written statement that everything was in agreement. Then he was instructed to go to the Air Force Hospital.

The victim alleges that the doctors asked her personal questions and did a two-finger test. The two-finger test has been banned long ago by the Supreme Court. After these inhuman practices, the woman decided to get the FIR lodged and on the night of 19 September, a case was registered.

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