Pakistan landed on behalf of Taliban in the battle of Panjshir, Air Force carried out drone attacks

The Taliban who are making every effort to capture the Panjshir Valley, have now got the support of Pakistan. According to the latest information, a drone of Pakistani Air Force has been attacked in Panjshir. Former MP from Samangan province of Afghanistan, Zia Arianzado has said this. On the other hand the Taliban and the Resistance Front are making their own claims. The Taliban claim that they have gained control of the Panjshir Valley. On the other hand, Panjshir Resistance Front claims that they are still in possession.

Former MP from Samangan province, Zia Arianzado, spoke about Pakistani drone strikes. He said, ‘Panjshir has been bombed by the Pakistani Air Force with the help of drones. Smart bombs have been used in this.

Amrullah Saleh wrote a letter to the UN

Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh has meanwhile written a letter to the United Nations (UN). It said that the Taliban has stopped the supply of essential goods in Panjshir, which has created an inhuman crisis. It has been further said that if the UN ignores his words, there will be humanitarian destruction in Panjshir. Further, the threat of massacre at the hands of Taliban has been expressed in Panjshir.

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