Pakistan is treating the injured Taliban, Afghanistan’s MP slams PAK

The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse due to the Taliban. Many people have lost their lives in violent incidents. Many countries of the world have appealed to stop violence in Afghanistan. Amidst the deteriorating situation and the lives of people, Pakistan is still engaged in support of terror.

According to Afghanistan MP Mariam Solaimankhil, Pakistan is treating the injured Taliban terrorists. Afghanistan MP Maryam Soleimankhali claims that many terrorists injured during the violence are being treated in Pakistan. In a list released on July 14, 25 such terrorists are being treated in Pakistan. According to the information given in the list, the terrorists who were seriously injured from fractures are being treated in Pakistan.

In a conversation with India Today Consulting Editor Rajdeep Sardesai, Maryam Soleimankhali said that the threat of Taliban is not only for India but for the whole world. He told that propaganda war is going on and (GQH) Pakistan Army is also supporting it. MP Solomankhali said that the matter of Pakistan’s support to the Taliban is no longer hidden from anyone. They are openly raising funds and giving training in 40,000 Seema madrasas. Sending fighters to Afghanistan. A violent party like the Taliban has never been at war without the support of a neighboring country for more than 20 years. And it is very clear who that neighboring country is.

Let us tell you that with the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, the turmoil of the Taliban has started. There is a flurry of bullets, loot and capture everywhere. It is being told that so far Taliban fighters have captured more than 85 percent of Afghanistan.

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