PAK: Taliban will not be able to rule for long on the strength of power, said Afghan officials

Amid the turmoil following the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, a delegation of prominent Afghan leaders and officials has warned that it will not last long if the Taliban government repeats past mistakes.

The delegation, led by Afghan Parliament Speaker Mir Rehman Rahmani, spoke to reporters in Islamabad on Thursday after meeting Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and other government and military officials this week. Afghans arrived in the Pakistani capital Islamabad on Monday, a day after the Taliban broke into Kabul and captured Afghanistan.

Former Afghan Vice President Mohammad Younis Lawyer said that the future government in Afghanistan should be inclusive with the participation of all ethnic groups. He said that we oppose rule by one party or group.

A prominent politician, Khalid Noor said the Taliban could not rule Afghanistan by force. He says they (the Taliban) took power by force, but warned that their rule would be short-lived if they did not respect the rights of the people.

Other members of the Afghan delegation include Salahuddin-Rabbani, Ahmed Zia Masood and Ahmed Wali Masood.

Arms deal with Afghanistan canceled

On the other hand, in the midst of the Afghanistan crisis, the US government has taken a big decision and canceled all the arms deals with the Afghan government for the time being. The Joe Biden administration has done this after the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

The US government has also sent notices to the contractors making arms. The Bureau of Political/Military Affairs of the Ministry of Home Affairs has sent the notice on Wednesday. It is written in it that the pending orders of weapons to be sent to Afghanistan and those which have not been delivered should be stopped for the time being.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson are constantly monitoring the rapidly changing developments in Afghanistan. The two heads of state will hold a digital meeting of the G-7 countries next week.

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