North Korean dictator Kim Jong lost excessive weight, public upset

There the young man told a news channel that Kim Jong was looking very thin and weak. Seeing his condition broke our hearts. Our eyes became moist.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un continues to remain in the headlines. Now the people of North Korea have become worried about Kim Jong’s health, everyone is worrying more than they need. The reason is that Kim Jong’s continuously decreasing weight. It is being said that in the last few months, Kim’s weight has suddenly reduced a lot. They have become lean. Seeing this, different types of questions are coming in the mind of the people there. Also Read Twitter Interim Grievance Officer for India Quits Amid Row With Centre Over IT Rules

Kim Jong’s lost weight
There the young man told a news channel that Kim Jong was looking very thin and weak. Seeing his condition, all of us were heartbroken. Our eyes became moist. Now a video in this episode also became quite viral where Kim Jong Un had come to participate in some program. Now many people were surprised to see his low weight at that time, but no clarification was given by the party on it. In such a situation, there was only speculation and nothing became clear. Also Read Jammu airbase attack: UAV attack for the first time, big question – how the drone escaped from radar

By the way, the first thing about Kim Jong Un’s weight started in the first week of June when he came out after a long time. At that time, the expert of NK News had said that Kim’s weight has reduced a lot. Since then, many things are coming out about the health of the dictator.

All eyes on Kim’s health
Right now everyone’s eyes are fixed only on the health of Kim Jong Un because the kind of politics of North Korea, only Kim’s rule has been seen there. In such a situation, nothing is clear about his successor. This is the reason why everyone has become so upset with Kim Jong Un’s decreasing weight at this time. For information, let us tell you that the news of Kim’s ill health first gained momentum when he did not participate in the birth anniversary program with State Founder Kim II last year. Since then many things were coming out about his health. Now the decreasing weight has also pointed in the same direction.

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