No doctor, no registration, beer bottle in OT, 29 hospitals of Lucknow opened in raid

In the private hospitals running in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, people’s lives are being played with by ignoring the arbitrariness and standards on a large scale. When Lucknow district administration raided 45 private hospitals simultaneously, the truth of playing with people’s lives in the name of treatment came to the fore.

In some hospital, if the investigation team did not find doctors, then instead of medicine, beer bottles were found in the operation theater (OT) of any hospital, most of the hospitals were running without registration. Notices have been issued to 29 hospitals for neglect and negligence of the rules found on a large scale.

On Monday, 6 teams of Health Department and Lucknow District Administration conducted raids, most of the hospitals did not get the license, some of the licenses had expired and there were no doctors in any hospital. Was treating BSc pass patients in a hospital. Notices have been issued to all the hospitals.

Beer bottles found in the OT of this hospital

Health department officials raided Tulsi and Trauma Center on Monday. During this time there were four ICU beds in the trauma center, but there were no doctors. Here beer bottles were found in the OT’s fridge. The validity of the license had also expired. Similarly, the validity of the license of Mediplus and Trauma Center also ended.

During the raid, three ICU beds were found in Modern Hospital Maternity and Trauma Center, but there were no X-ray and emergency facilities. Doctors were not found, the staff nurse did not even have a nursing degree. Similarly, there were no doctors in the New Asian Hospital and Trauma Center and Prem Kumar Verma, the owner of the hospital, holding a B.Sc degree, was found himself treating the patients.

Sealing will be done if satisfactory answer is not received

After the raids by the Health Department and the District Administration, on the instructions of District Magistrate Abhishek Prakash, CMO Dr. Manoj Agarwal has issued a notice against 29 hospitals. CMO Dr. Manoj Aggarwal said that if the hospital management does not give a satisfactory answer, then sealing action will be taken.

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