Neha was haunted by the fear of breaking her marriage after being ‘Cosy’ with Prateek? said this thing

Neha Bhasin and Prateek Sahajpal’s closeness is increasing with each passing day. Discussions of Neha and Prateek’s romance are everywhere. Neha is often seen flirting with Prateik in the show. At the same time, in the recent episode, the romantic style of Prateik and Neha was also seen in a task.

In the episode of Sunday Ka Vaar, Karan Johar was also seen teasing Neha and Prateek and questioned them about their relationship. At that time, both gave a very formal answer. But after this Neha was also seen talking to Prateek about her growing closeness between them.

Neha tells Prateek that she is quite unsure about the people outside what they must be thinking. However, he also said that his family will understand his equation with Prateek.

Neha was also seen telling Prateek that he is married, so people will see their relationship differently, while both Shamita and Rakesh are single.

Neha also told Prateek that she was worried about her marriage being in danger due to her equation with Prateek. Even during the task, Neha laughed while being close with Prateek and said that he would be hit a lot after going home.

At the same time, Prateek laughing in front of Karan Johar also said that Neha asks him for a hug 10000 times a day. They don’t even have that many hugs.

Let us tell you that Neha is often seen touching Prateik’s abs in the show. Neha was also seen talking about Prateek’s abs in Sunday’s live telecast. Neha told Prateek- “You impress only with your abs. This should not be the only connection between us. In response, Prateek says that you do not have love, you only have lust.

On this reply of Prateek, Neha hurriedly says- “You don’t even have lust for me. I had befriended you as soon as I came home.” On this, Prateek says, “I am no longer just a friend, I can say this by feeling it.” After this, Prateek also laughs and says- “What would the camera think. What am I saying and doing.”

(Image Souce: Neha Bhasin Instagram account)

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