Mumbai: Sexual misconduct with 7-year-old disabled daughter, accused father sentenced to 5 years

A Mumbai court has sentenced a father accused of sexual misconduct with his 7-year-old daughter to five years in prison. The victim girl is handicapped.

According to the mother of the girl who worked as a maid, her husband works as a sweeper and is addicted to alcohol. According to the woman, 23 years have passed since they were married, but after the birth of their daughter, the relationship between the two was never normal.

Mother saved some money by working and she bought a small house in Palghar. When her relationship with her husband deteriorated, she left him and started living in her new house. From 2018 onwards her husband also started coming to this new house and started demanding that his wife transfer this property in his name.

To put pressure on his wife, he started sexually abusing his daughter in front of her. When the mother saw this for the first time, she became very mentally disturbed. But she could not tell this incident to anyone else. But her husband came again and started doing the same thing again. This time the mother told the incident to the people where she used to work. After this they contacted an NGO. The NGO helped the woman to register a case in this matter.

However, the ailing girl could not give a statement in the court. But public prosecutor Geeta Sharma proved the man’s guilt on the basis of the evidence given by the mother and others. The court sentenced the accused in this case to 5 years imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs 11,000. Out of this, 8 thousand rupees will be given to the girl child as compensation.

The 46-year-old accused was arrested on June 8, 2018 and was in jail. Now he will serve the rest of the sentence in jail.

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