MP: Mother of 5 daughters fell in love, before marrying fourth daughters reached police station and then…

A wonderful love story has come out in Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh. Here the mother of five daughters fell in love with her lover 24 years younger than her. She agreed to leave even her daughters to marry her lover. When the married elder daughter came to know about the fourth marriage by a woman who had already done three marriages, she along with other sisters reached the police and pleaded to stop the mother from getting married.

A very strange case came in front of Bhind police. Here the daughters came to plead with the police to stop their mother’s marriage. It was told that at the age of 45, the mother is going to marry her lover Mithun, who is 24 years younger than herself. His two eldest daughters are married, while three daughters are still younger.

Both the elder daughters and son-in-law of the woman reached the police station. After which the woman and her lover were also called to the police station. Before this, the woman had done three marriages, out of which the husband had left the woman, while the husband who became her husband after two marriages passed away.

After this, the woman had a love affair with 21-year-old Mithun, who lived in his own house on rent. Is in a live-in relationship with Mithun for the past 1 year. Mithun is also bearing the full expenses of the woman and her daughters.

However, the woman says that she prevents her daughters from sitting outside the house and does not allow them to do what she wants, so the daughters are forcibly opposing her. The woman also says that she is doing this marriage only for the future of her daughters.

At present, the police has made a settlement after persuading both the parties. Along with this, Mithun’s parents have been called and informed about this whole matter. DSP Poonam Thapa told in the case that the girls had complained that their mother was going to get married for the fourth time. An agreement has been reached between both the parties.

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