MP: Mother killed Mamta! When the son saw with the lover, the mother killed the son

A case of murder has come to light in Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh, which killed the relationship between mother and son. Here the police has arrested the mother of a minor child for her death. A minor was killed on August 2 in a village under Samnapur police station area. According to the family, Sonu had died due to deteriorating health.

After death, Sonu’s body was buried in a hurry. When the uncle of the deceased later suspected the death of his nephew, he told the police about it and feared his murder. The uncle of the deceased had also expressed doubts on the mother of the child.

With the permission of the court, the police took out the body of the minor from the ground and got his post-mortem done. It became clear from the post-mortem report that his death was not natural but he was murdered. In the post-mortem, a deep injury mark was found on the child’s head.

Mother confessed to murder

After the report surfaced, the police started interrogation by taking the deceased’s mother and her lover into custody. In strict interrogation, both confessed to the murder and told that the son had seen his mother and Lal Singh in an objectionable condition.

Dead body buried in the ground after killing

On seeing the son, both attacked his head with wood and buried the body in the ground. Now in this incident that tarnished the relationship, the police have currently arrested the mother of the deceased and her lover under sections 302 and 201 of IPC. The investigation of the case continues.

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