MP: Minor couple staying in hotel as husband and wife, girl killed when boyfriend slapped her

In Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, a minor girl committed suicide by jumping from the third floor of the hotel. The girl had checked in with her boyfriend in the hotel. The boyfriend is also a minor and had taken a room in the hotel by pretending to be a married couple.

According to the police, the teenagers had checked in at a hotel in Ujjain as a married couple. He used a fake identity to show himself as married. On Monday, a friend of the boy also came to the hotel. After some time the girl jumped from the third floor window.

Boyfriend suspected girl

Police said, “Boyfriend suspected the girl to have an affair with his friend, who had come to meet him at the hotel on Monday. He slapped her in front of her friend, after which the girl took this step.”

Case filed against boyfriend and hotel manager

Police said a case of abetment to suicide has been registered against the minor boyfriend and the hotel manager. The hotel manager had allowed minors to enter the hotel on the basis of forged documents. The police also claimed that no role has been found in the suicide of another minor who had come to the hotel on Monday.

Several people were staying in the hotel at the time of the incident.

The police, after talking to eyewitnesses, claimed that several people were staying in the hotel at the time of the incident. Police said, “Many people have seen or heard the boys fighting amongst themselves, their statements have also been recorded.” The police also claimed that the parents of both the minors were not aware of their whereabouts since they checked-in at the hotel and surprisingly no missing person was registered.

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