MP: Minister Usha Thakur said, ‘Selfie is a waste of time, now if you want to take a photo then give 100 rupees’

In Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj government minister Usha Thakur says that whoever wants to take selfie with him now he will have to pay Rs 100. He says that due to selfie, he gets late in reaching the program, so from now on, whoever wants to take selfie, then he will have to deposit 100 rupees in the party fund.

Talking to the media in Khandwa, about 250 km from the capital Bhopal, Usha Thakur who is handling the Culture Ministry in Madhya Pradesh, said, “A lot of time is wasted because of selfies and many times they arrive late in programs due to this. Hence the organizational Now whoever wants to take a selfie from the point of view, then he should deposit Rs 100 in the local Mandal unit of BJP.

Earlier in 2015, BJP leader Kunwar Vijay Shah had also said that those who want to take selfie with him should pay Rs 10 for it.

She also said that from now on she will accept books instead of bouquets. They say that flowers can be offered only to Lord Vishnu, because Lakshmi resides in him.

She said, “Flowers are the abode of Goddess Lakshmi, so there is no one other than Lord Vishnu who is clean and spotless, so I cannot accept flowers. Apart from this, Prime Minister Modi also said that Book should be given instead of bouquet.

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