MP: 15 year old boy was making nude video by ‘hacking’ mobile, found 14 fake IDs

In Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, the police have arrested a very clever 15-year-old hacker, who used to blackmail people by making nude videos through a banned site. Surprisingly, the accused is only 10th pass and lives in a village in a very backward district like Singrauli but his crime turned out to be like a vicious criminal of a big city.

Singrauli Additional SP Anil Sonkar said that a youth resident of Morwa in the district had complained that a girl named Priyanka makes WhatsApp calling and demands money by making obscene videos. Threatens to make the video viral if the money is not paid.

10th class student used to get money like this

When the police started investigation on the complaint of the youth, it came to know that a minor youth who is studying in class 10th used to make a fake ID in the name of the girl and then make nude videos and send it on mobile, after which blackmailing money from the victims. was cramping. The accused had loaded the banned app on his mobile, which is in a fake name.

Through the same app, the accused used to make video calls to people by making fake WhatsApp IDs in the name of girls and used to talk quietly, then blackmail them by making nude videos in video calling and also threatening to make the video viral if they did not pay the money. used to give The police said that he used to do all this work from his home in Morwa.

The youth has made about 14 fake WhatsApp IDs, which are in the name of girls. It came to the fore in the investigation that the person whom the accused used to make his victim, also used to hack his ID and mobile and used to take out the mobile numbers of the family members. Police have seized many banned software including laptop from the accused youth.

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