Modi’s big announcement on vaccination, free vaccine center will be given to all people above 18 years from June 21

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation. This is his 9th message in the Corona period of 15 months. In this, Modi made a big announcement on vaccination. He said that free vaccine will be given to all the states. They don’t have to spend anything for it.

Modi said that the second wave of Corona and our fight with it continues. Like many countries of the world, India has also gone through great pain during this fight. Many of us have lost our relatives and acquaintances. My deepest condolences to all such families. This is the biggest epidemic in the last 100 years, it is a tragedy. The modern world had neither seen nor experienced such an epidemic.

Modi said that due to such a big global epidemic, our country is fighting together on many fronts. From building a Kovid hospital to increasing the number of ICU beds, from making ventilators to creating a network of testing labs. In the last year and a half, a new health infrastructure has been created in the country. When questions were raised on the mis-management of the second wave and the role of the Center, the Prime Minister said that on the demand of the states, they were given the rights of corona control and vaccination.

Highlights of Modi’s address…

People above 18 years will get free vaccine from the center
It was a good thing that in time the states came forward again with the demand for reconsideration. On this demand of the states, we also thought that the countrymen should not suffer. They should be vaccinated smoothly. For this, the system from January 16 to the end of April should be implemented again. Today it has been decided that the Government of India will bear the responsibility of 25% of the work related to vaccination that the states had. This arrangement will be implemented in two weeks.

The central and state government together will make necessary preparations according to the new guidelines. Incidentally, June 21 is also International Yoga Day. From Monday, June 21, the Government of India will provide free vaccines to the states for people above 18 years of age in every state of the country. The vaccine will be given free of cost to the state government by procuring 75% of the total production from the manufacturers themselves. Vaccine will not cost anything to any state government.

Free food grains to 80 crore poor till November
Apart from vaccination, I want to inform the countrymen about another big decision today. When the lockdown had to be imposed last year, 80 crore countrymen were given free ration for 8 months under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana. Due to the second wave, this scheme was extended for May and June also. Today the government has decided that this scheme will now be extended till Diwali. The government has become his companion with every need of the poor. By November, 80 crore poor would be provided free food grains in fixed quantities. None of my poor brothers and sisters, their family will have to go to bed hungry.

The most effective weapon in this fight is the Kovid Protocol
The demand for oxygen increased unimaginably in the months of April and May. Never in India has the need of so much oxygen been felt in such quantity. To meet this need, work was done on a war footing. All the machinery of government engaged. Oxygen Rail, Air Force, Navy were installed. A 10-fold increase in the production of liquid oxygen was achieved in a very short time. What could have been available was brought from every corner of the world. The production of essential medicines was increased manifold. Wherever medicines are available abroad, no stone was left unturned to bring them from there. The most effective weapon in the fight against an invisible and transforming enemy like Corona is the Kovid Protocol.

as a vaccine shield
The vaccine is like a protective shield in the fight. There are few vaccine makers all over the world. If we did not have a vaccine made in India right now, what would have happened in a huge country like India. If we look at the history of the last 50-60 years, it will be known that it used to take decades for India to get the vaccine from abroad. Vaccine work used to be completed, even then the work of vaccination could not start in our country. The countrymen had waited for decades for the vaccine for polio, small pox, hepatitis B.

work in mission mode for vaccination
In 2014, when the countrymen gave us the opportunity to serve, the coverage of vaccination in India was only around 60%. In our view this was a matter of concern. At the rate at which India’s immunization program was going, it would have taken 40 years for the country to achieve 100% vaccination coverage. We have launched Mission Indradhanush to solve this problem. We decided that through this mission, vaccination will be done on a war footing and whoever needs vaccination in the country. Will try to give him the vaccine. We worked in mission mode.

Were moving forward that Corona surrounded
We increased the vaccination coverage from 60% to 90% within 5-7 years. We have increased both the speed and scope of vaccination. To protect children from many deadly diseases, many new vaccines were made part of the campaign. We were worried about the children of our country, we were worried about the poor, we were worried about the children of the poor, who never got vaccinated. We were on the right track that the corona virus surrounded us. Not only the country, but the old apprehensions again started looming in front of the world that how India would be able to save such a large population. When the intention is clear and the policy is clear and there is continuous hard work, then the results also come. Bypassing every apprehension, India launched not one but two Made in India vaccines within a year.

Scientists have shown that India is second to none
The scientists of our country have shown that India is not behind big countries. When I am talking today, more than 23 crore vaccine doses have been given in the country. It is said here that Vishwasena Siddhi means that success comes from our efforts when we have faith in ourselves. We were confident that our scientists would be able to make a vaccine in a very short time. Due to this belief, when our scientists were doing their research work, only then we had made preparations.

Vaccine supply is going to increase in the coming days
In April last year, when there were a few thousand cases of corona, we formed the Vaccine Task Force. Supported the companies making vaccines for India in every way. Vaccine manufacturers were helped in clinical trials. Necessary funds were provided for research and development. The government at every level walked shoulder to shoulder with them. Under the self-reliant package, thousands of crores were made available through Mission Kovid Suraksha. Due to the continuous efforts that the country has been making for the last several days, the supply of vaccine is going to increase in the coming days.

Making a vaccine in such a short time is a big achievement
In the country, 7 companies are producing different vaccines, doing trials, efforts have been made to speed up this process from other countries as well. Some experts have expressed concern about the children. Trial of two vaccines is going on fast in this direction too. Research on nasal vaccine is also going on in the country. If this vaccine is successful in the country in the near future, then the vaccine campaign will accelerate further. Making a vaccine in such a short time is a great achievement in itself for the entire humanity. It also has its limits.

Vaccination started on WHO standards
Even after the vaccine was made, vaccination started in very few countries of the world. It started in most of the rich countries. WHO gave guidelines regarding vaccination. Scientists made the outline. India also started vaccination on the best practices of other countries and on WHO standards.

Vaccines could save lives of millions of countrymen
In view of the suggestions received from the states and MPs, the Center decided that priority will be given to those who are more at risk from Corona. In such a situation, apart from front line workers and health workers, citizens above 60 and 45 years were vaccinated. What would have happened if the frontline workers had not been vaccinated before the second wave of corona. What would have happened if the sanitation workers of hospitals, the driver of the ambulance did not get the vaccine The lives of millions of countrymen have been saved by getting more and more people vaccinated.

Gave guidelines to the states so that they can work conveniently
Amidst the decreasing cases of corona in the country, different suggestions also started coming before the center. Demands arose. It was asked why the Government of India is not deciding everything. Why are the state governments not being given exemption? Why are the state governments not getting the relaxation of lockdown. One size does not fit for all argument was given. It was said that health is a state subject, hence a beginning was made in this direction. We made a guideline and gave it to the states so that they can work according to their convenience.

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Modi had said these 5 things in the last message

  1. On 20 April 2021, Modi had said- Friends! In today’s situation we have to save the country from lockdown. I would also request the states to use the lockdown only as a last resort. Every effort has to be made to avoid the lockdown. The focus has to be on the micro-containment zone itself.
  2. Regarding Navratri, Ramnavami and Ramzan, it was said – This is the message of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram to all of us that we should follow the limits. Whatever measures are there to avoid corona, please follow them 100%. Medicine, too. Ramadan teaches us patience, restraint, discipline. Discipline is equally needed in the war with Corona. Only go out when it is necessary.
  3. The country is again fighting a big battle against Corona today. The second wave turned into a storm. I am fully aware of the pain that you are suffering. On behalf of all the countrymen, I express my condolences to those who have lost their loved ones in the past.
  4. I will appreciate all the doctors, medical-para-medical staff, sweepers, ambulance drivers, security forces, policemen all of the country. You put your life at stake even in the first wave of Corona. Today you are working again day and night.
  5. This time in the Corona crisis, the demand for oxygen has increased a lot in many parts of the country. The central government, state governments, private sector, everyone is trying their best that every needy should get oxygen. Measures are also being taken at many levels to increase oxygen production and supply.
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