Modi In America: PM Modi-Kamala Harris meeting will be special, Indian connection will be seen in Washington

PM Modi in America: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached America on his special tour and according to Indian time, he is to meet Vice President Kamala Harris on late Thursday night.

This meeting is going to be very special, because it is happening for the first time that an Indian-American Vice President is welcoming an Indian Prime Minister on American soil.

The American media is also looking at this meeting with a special perspective, The Los Angeles Times newspaper has written that it is a historic moment for the Indian community living in America. 56-year-old Kamala Harris is the first female Vice President of America, she is of Indian origin.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to start his US tour with a meeting with the CEO and will meet Kamala Harris before meeting US President Joe Biden. On this meeting, an American newspaper says that the meeting of Narendra Modi-Kamala Harris will make Indians living in America feel their power.

Both have had a conversation on the phone

Kamala Harris had earlier spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the phone on June 3, but this is the first face-to-face meeting. According to the White House, the focus of Kamala Harris-PM Modi meeting is to strengthen India-US friendship. In this, there will be talk on other issues including climate change, health, human rights, democracy.

Let us tell you that Kamala Harris is the child of a black father-Indian mother. His mother has a relationship with Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. When Kamala Harris was sworn in as the Vice-President, there was a celebration here in India as well.

Special visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to America

This is PM Modi’s first major foreign tour amid the Corona crisis, during which PM Modi will take part in many important meetings. Apart from meeting with Kamala Harris, there is also a meeting with CEOs of American companies. Also there will be bilateral talks with Joe Biden, there is to be a joint meeting with the Quad countries and there is also bilateral talks with the PM of Australia-Japan.

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