Modi government will review the work of the officers, under performer 50 will be forcibly retired!

To accelerate the pace of development, the central government is now taking an important step. The government has ordered a review of the officers of the level of Under Secretary. This review will be of central employees and officers who have crossed the age of 50 years. It is believed that the central government can take action against the underperforming officers.

The type of exercise being carried out is important because the last time it happened, several officers of the tax department were prematurely retired, whose performance was poor. The number of holidays, doubts about property or transactions, medical health will be counted as the basis for determining performance.

However, it is a matter of relief for those people who have only one year left in their retirement, so they will not retire prematurely. During this entire review, the entire record of Under Secretary level will be counted. According to the government, apart from the target received by the officer in the service record, other things including file clear, paper submitted will also be measured.

Initial instructions for this review were given in August 2020. In which it was said whether the government officer should continue the work or should retire early in the public interest. For this, a form has been prepared, in which all the points are to be noted. All departments, ministries will have to provide complete data and inputs.

Strict orders have been given to the ministries and departments that no column of the form being given should remain empty. The government had made it clear during one such action last year itself that this is not a penalty of any kind, but will be considered a compulsory retirement. That is, the government has the right to retire the officers in this way keeping in view the interests of the people.

The special thing is that if an officer is reviewed, then it is not that he will not be reviewed again. For review, a committee of two members will be constituted by the CCA, which will review the officials concerned.

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