Mia Khalifa’s fan got tattoo done on her leg, got such a reaction

Fans have been seen crossing all limits for their favorite stars. But sometimes fans also hurt their favorite star with some of their antics. Something similar has happened recently with Mia Khalifa as well. A fan of Mia Khalifa, who was a porn star, got Mia’s face tattooed on her leg, which Mia did not like. He expressed his feelings by sharing this video of the fan on his Instagram story.

Actually, an Indian tattoo artist had got a picture similar to Mia in the form of a tattoo on his leg. He shared the video of it. When Mia came to know about this action of the fan, she did not like it. He re-shared the fan’s video on Instagram story and wrote- ‘Please….it’s very bad’.

Although he was very happy to get the reaction of Fan Mia. She thanked Mia for sharing and commenting on the video regardless of her dislike or displeasure.

Mia’s glasses were sold for 73 lakhs

In this video, in the picture of Mia tattooed by the fan, Mia is wearing her signature glasses. It is known that these glasses of Mia were sold in the auction for 100,000 USD i.e. according to Indian currency, they were sold for about 73 lakh rupees. The money was given to raise funds for the victims of the Beirut bombings last year.

Mia Khalifa often keeps her outspoken opinion on social media. He also raised his voice on the farmers’ movement in India. Apart from this, Mia keeps raising her voice on the news of the country and the world.

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