Mehul Choksi gets bail from Dominica court, allowed to go to Antigua for treatment

Fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi, accused in the Punjab National Bank scam, has been granted bail by the Dominica High Court. He has been allowed to go to Antigua for medical treatment. This is a joint consent order given by the court.

During the hearing in the court, Mehul Choksi appeared from the hospital bed through Zoom. Choksi’s legal team is led by senior Trinidadian lawyer Douglas Mendes. Other lawyers include Jenna Moore Dyer, Julian Prevost, Gina Dyer Monroe, Wayne Norde and Cara Shillingford Marsh.

Giving relief to Mehul Choksi, the court has said that he will have to return for the case of illegal entry into Dominica. Choksi has been allowed by the court to go to Antigua for medical care.

Let us tell you that in the last week of June also, there was a hearing in the court of Dominica in the case of Mehul Choksi. That time also Mehul could not appear in the court due to ill health. He had also appeared in the last hearing from the hospital itself.

Mehul is being treated at the hospital in Dominica itself. After the order of the court, he was removed from the police custody and sent to the custody of the jail. However, until his health improved, he was allowed to get treated in the hospital itself.

Choksi is accused of defrauding PNB of Rs 13500 crore. He fled the country from India and fled to Antigua, after which he remained there for a long time. However, then in the last week of May, Choksi fled to Dominica, where he was arrested by the police.

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