Mann Ki Baat: PM said – get the vaccine, do not pay attention to rumours

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Sunday through Mann Ki Baat program on radio. This program was the 25th episode of Modi Sarkar 2.0 and the overall 78th episode. The PM spoke to the people of a village in Betul, Madhya Pradesh. People told them that confusion is being spread in our place regarding the corona vaccine. It is being said that it is causing death.

The Prime Minister said that we should not allow confusion to spread. I have taken both doses of the vaccine. My mother got both doses of the vaccine at the age of 100. More than 200 million people of our country have taken the vaccine. nothing of the sort. Get yourself vaccinated and inspire others too.

Virus is Behrupiya, only vaccine will save
PM Modi asked Kishori Lal, who lives in the village of Betul, that have you also heard about the confusion being spread on the vaccine? Kishori Lal replied that relatives tell that people die after getting the corona vaccine. To this, Modi said that do not pay attention to these rumours. We have to save lives, save people, save the country. This disease is like a hoax. It attacks by changing color.

He further said that the vaccine is our weapon. Our scientists have worked hard and made the vaccine. Mothers and sisters should be involved in this campaign in maximum numbers.

The wisdom of tribal brothers will become a case study
The Prime Minister said that at some point of time, it will become a matter of case study for the world, how the people of the villages of India, our forest dwellers, brothers and sisters, in this Corona period, showed their strength and understanding. . The people of the village made quarantine centers. No one was allowed to sleep hungry, he did not let the farming work stop. Milk and vegetables in the nearby cities, all these kept reaching everyday, this was also ensured by the villages, that is, they took care of themselves, took care of others too.

Milkha Singh remembered
Remembering Milkha Singh, Modi said who can forget a great athlete like him. A few days ago, Corona took them away from us. When he was in the hospital, I spoke to him. He was requested that you represented India in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, so this time boost the morale of the athletes going to Tokyo for the Olympics.

Milkha Singh came to Surat in 2014
Modi said that Milkha Singh was so dedicated to the game that even in illness he immediately agreed to it, but unfortunately destiny had something else in mind. He had come to Surat in 2014. We inaugurated a night marathon. I also got a lot of inspiration from what he talked about at that time about sports. We all know that Milkha Singh ji’s entire family has been dedicated to sports, making India proud. Our Olympic contingent going to Tokyo also includes many such players whose life inspires a lot.

Boost the morale of the players going to the Tokyo Olympics
Modi also boosted the enthusiasm of every player going to Tokyo. He said that all the players have their own struggle, years of hard work. They are going not only for themselves, but for the country. Everyone is advised not to put pressure on these players even knowingly or unknowingly. Support them with an open mind.

He further said that on social media you can wish these players of yours with #Cheer4India. If you want to do something more innovative, then definitely do that too. If you have any idea that the country should do together for our players, then you will definitely send it to me.

Water level improves with rain water
The Prime Minister emphasized on the conservation of rain water in the program. He said that rain water improves the water level of the ground. That is why I consider water conservation as a form of service to the nation. He said that in our scriptures it is said, ‘Nasti moolam anaushadham, that is, there is no such plant on earth, which does not have any medicinal properties. Referring to Ramlotan Kushwaha of Satna, Modi said that he has built a country museum in his farm. There he has collected hundreds of medicinal plants and seeds.

We are all grateful for the contribution of doctors
Modi said that on July 1, we will celebrate National Doctors Day. This day is dedicated to the birth anniversary of the great doctor and statesman of the country, Dr BC Rai. We are all grateful for the contribution of doctors in the Corona-era. Modi said that a boat ambulance service has been started at Dal Lake in Srinagar. This is a good initiative.

On Chartered Accountants’ Day, he said that a few years ago, I had asked the Chartered Accountants of the country for gifts from Indian audit firms of global level. Today I want to remind them of this. Modi also remembered Guru Prasad Mohapatra, who was a secretary in the government.

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