Madhya Pradesh will crack down on criminals, Shivraj government will bring stricter gangster act than UP

After Uttar Pradesh, now in Madhya Pradesh too, the exercise regarding the Gangster Act has intensified. Home Minister Narottam Mishra said on Friday that soon a more strict Gangster Act will be introduced in Madhya Pradesh than in UP. Talking to ‘Aaj Tak’, Home Minister Narottam Mishra said that ‘in recent days, mafia crimes like deaths due to poisonous liquor, illegal sale of liquor, illegal mining have increased rapidly in MP. In such a situation, to crack down on them, the Madhya Pradesh government has prepared a draft of the Gangster Act.

Will be placed in cabinet next month

Act The Home Minister said that the Gangster Act will be placed in the cabinet next month. After passing in the cabinet, it will be introduced in the upcoming assembly session and if necessary, the government can also bring an ordinance. Narottam Mishra says that this Gangster Act will be more strict than the Goonda Act implemented in UP. Gangster Act is needed because liquor mafia, mining mafia and all kinds of mafia have to be eliminated in Madhya Pradesh.

Such is the draft of MP’s Gangster Act

  • Organized gangs and anti-social activities will be included in this Act.
  • In the Gangster Act, strict action will be taken against illegal and poisonous liquor traders, cow killers, illegal mining mafia, land mafia.
  • In this Act, under section 14, there will be a special provision for the District Magistrate to attach the property of criminals.
  • Under section 16(5) of this Act, the confiscated property of the offender was not acquired by the offence, so the burden of proof has been imposed on the offender, not on the prosecution, so that the criminals have the opportunity to escape by taking the benefit of doubt. Possibility is tightly controlled.
  • In this Act, a special court will be formed under section 5, so that hearing and punishment can be done soon.
  • In this Act, special protection will be given to the witnesses under Section 11, which will encourage an independent witness against the gangster to appear before the court.
  • In this Act, the court so constituted under section 12 will get priority over the trial of criminals in other courts, this provision will also be made under this act, which will result in reduction of unnecessary procedural delay in the trial of criminals. Justice will be done soon.
  • Under section 19 (4) (b) of this Act, the offender will be released on bail only by the court. When the court has a reasonable belief that the arrested person is not guilty of the offense and is not likely to commit any offense again while on bail.
  • In this act, the limit of police remand and judicial remand can be increased.
  • Apart from this, the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1956 (Act No. 67 of the year 1957) has been added in section 2 (b) (ii) for effective action against sand and mining gangs.
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