Madhya Pradesh: MP representative’s son accused of molesting a B.Ed student, people were beaten up and taken to the police station

A case of molestation with a B.Ed student has come to light in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. The administrator of the college, who molested the student, thrashed the son of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and MP representative. People beat up the accused and took them to the police station in the form of a procession. The police arrested the administrator of the college, who was later granted bail from the police station itself.

According to the information, Rajesh Karnadhar, administrator of Shantiniketan College located on Budheshwar Road, Ratlam, was accused of molestation by a student studying in B.Ed of the college. Angry over this incident, the family members of the student and the common citizens beat up the college administrator fiercely. The accused took the administrator to the police station in the form of a procession on foot, beating the citizens.

Many BJP leaders also reached the police station to rescue the administrator accused of molestation, but the police registered a case on the report of the student and arrested the accused college administrator, who was later granted bail from the police station itself. The accused college administrator Rajesh Karnadhar is the son of senior BJP leader and MP representative Babulal Karnadhar.

It is said that around two o’clock some people reached Shanti Niketan BEd College on Budheshwar Road in Ratlam. These people beat up the administrator of the college, Rajesh Karnadhar. After the assault, all the people took the college administrator Rajesh Karnadhar on foot to the Deendayal Nagar police station on foot.

A married woman had filed a report against Rajesh for molesting her, threatening to kill her. Deendayal Nagar police took 6 hours to write the woman’s report. BJP leaders and organization officials reached the police station from noon. It took a full seven hours to file a report about molesting the woman at 2 pm.

In the report filed by the woman, it was said that she is studying B.Ed from Shantiniketan Institute of Technology since the year 2020. Last Sunday, July 25, at around 1 pm, she had gone to Shanti Niketan Institute to submit the answer sheets of her B.Ed open book exam.

According to the allegation made by the woman, Rajesh was the administrator in the college office. When she was filling the first page on the answer sheet, Rajesh sat down at a distance. The college administrator had a normal conversation with him. After some time, when I started leaving, suddenly the college administrator Rajesh Karnadhar stood up and with a bad intention, grabbed his hand and tried to hug. According to the allegation, the captain threatened to kill the husband if he told this to anyone.

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