Madhya Pradesh: 12-year-old girl ‘raped’ at a distance of 1 km from home, body hung from tree

A girl was raped and murdered in a forest, about 55 km from the district headquarters of Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh. The body of a 12-year-old girl was found hanging on a tree. The police reached the spot after inspecting the spot and started investigation into the matter. In this regard, the police has detained a youth of the village itself, who is being questioned.

The victim’s father told the police that the 12-year-old girl was at home till 11 am. She told her father that she was going to the forest with her mother. After that she left the house. The father thought that the daughter had followed her in the forest with her mother. Although the mother was not aware that the child was following her. When the woman came back from the forest, the girl was not with her.

When the husband asked the wife about the child, she did not know anything. After this, the panicked parents started searching for the girl, but nothing could be found about her. After this, the parents along with the villagers reached towards the forest while searching for the girl, where the girl’s body was found hanging on the tree in suspicious condition. His hands were tied. The girl’s body was hung on a tree, tied with a dupatta.

At the same time, after finding the body of the girl in this condition, the police reached the spot. The police sent the girl’s body for postmortem after removing it from the tree. According to police sources, there is a possibility of murder after raping the girl. In this case, the police has detained a youth resident of the village on the basis of suspicion, which is being interrogated. A police officer involved in the investigation of the case said that no one person can hang a dead body on a tree after killing a girl.

SP Vinayak Sharma said that a suspect has been taken into custody, who is being questioned. The clear cause of death will be known after the postmortem report comes, at present the police is investigating the matter.

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